Minecraft Ballroom Blast-off

Minecraft Ballroom Blast-off is the latest spin-off with the inspiration from the classic Minecraft game. Not only did Friv 2019 add lots of new details to the base story but we also bring the best of the old features to this one as well. Other than moving around inside the map, this time, the players get a shot to enjoy a gorgeous costume ball. You are not invited, but breaking into the charming garden castle with an aquarium to claim your territory will be fun! The highlight of this game remains unchanged as you can use any block lying around the map to explore and build your own worlds.

First, explore the castle and the garden to find your target and any available space. Then, as the guests at the ball show up, take them down using the weapons that you acquire earlier. A wide range of weapons is available for free at http://frivclassic.net/, from the blasting machine gun to the simple yet efficient handgun. The unlimited resources will make sure that there is no refrain posed on your creativity in crafting weapons. Keep your armor as well so as to fend off dangerous enemies.

Moreover, you can customize your experience by giving or selling some items away, changing the time of day, switching back and forth between items and many more. Check out other adventure games such as Super Sniper Assassin and PUBG Online later! 

Instruction to play:

Use W, A, S, D to walk

Spacebar to jump

Shift to run

Mouse to aim and fire.