Match 4

Despite the name being Match 4, this is not an ordinary matching game where you enjoy the relaxation of matching the same blocks. It's almost another 2048 number combining game. This Friv puzzle game is about creating the same lines of hexagon blocks that the game shows on the screen. Players need to move one hexagon block at a time to make sure that it connects the line as shown.

When this new block connects with another over 3 blocks in total, all of their numbers will be added together to generate a new number. The gameplay is not easy since you need to calculate the place to put the new blocks. However, don't let the grid be filled with too many blocks or the game will be over. The difficulty point in this game at is the need of over 4 hexagon blocks to achieve a match.

Not only will you have to choose the right place for the moved block but you have to take all the surrounding blocks into account. The rule might sound a little complicated at first, but after a few trials, you will get used to it in no time. There is a scoreboard to keep track of your progress. If you fail to find a new move, use the hint at the bottom of the screen but with a cost.

It's best if you can come up with your own strategy to play this game! Puzzle games like Rummy and Jelly Crush will bring the best brainstorming experience to the lovely players with just one click! Come and challenge your thinking ability! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to move the blocks.