Sumo Up

Sumo games are not just all about wresting. With this unique game from Friv online, you will get to enjoy a whole new fun theme with Sumo Up. This is the type of activity that sumo wrestlers do when they’re in between matches. You will help bounce the heavy-weight sumo up high in the sky using a trampoline! They are very skilled trampolinists and all they need is one trampoline to bounce up meters higher.

Your job is to simply wait until when the sumo slows down. That's the moment when you need to draw a new trampoline as a guide for him to bounce up further. Once they successfully bounce over the thing, they will fly hundreds of meters through the air without a disturbance. Don't miss the right timing or your friend will fall immediately to the ground!

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the balcony. While you send the sumo shooting through the air, keep an eye out for balconies that show up randomly. They can cause a serious knock on the sumo's head and injure him. With the right practice, you might even send the sumo up hundreds of meters with no interfering!

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Instruction to play:

Slide the mouse to draw a trampoline.