Candy Clicker

There are such countless unique, sweet, delectable confections on the planet ... mmm ... I want to attempt them all! You have such an open door in the game Candy Clicker at Friv classic! Would you be able to open up all bundles? How about we see what has arrived.


· Candies obviously! Chocolate, candies, caramel and some more!

· Cakes. Custard, with cream, chocolate, exemplary. Simply a fantasy!

· first of all, restrictive sweets… yet would you be able to click for that long?

The "Shop" area will act the hero, where you can further develop the snap power or construct an auto-clicker that will unfurl every one of the desserts for you! Click on an ever increasing number of desserts, procure coins and further develop your snap power! Eat them all in Candy Clicker!

Start clicking on the first sweet, you'll have to try! For each sweet eaten or unwrapped (in the case of candy), coins will fall. Which you can spend on pumping click power, or auto-click on sweetness, which will help improve the score.

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Instruction to play: