Ikki Samurai Jump

How would you play those games that are simple to learn though - and difficult to master? This Friv online is the ideal game for you! You are a comparatively tiny Samurai who must survive for as as long as possible! Avoid the enemies by jumping from to floor to floor! You can jump so many more times as you want, and although watch out for the bad guys; if you touch them, this same game is over! Ikki Samurai Jump is a good activity that will put your nervous system, awareness, and bandwidth to the test. You must create excellent jumps and maintain a strategic distance from the enemies. What long can you maintain out?

Enjoy a lot of fun while playing and be captivated by the attractive graphics. Get started now! If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Save Her.

Instruction to play:

Touch the screen to jump, avoid enemies, and survive as long as possible.