Angry Gran

Prepare yourself to emerge in the latest fun-addicting game from Friv online 2019 that comes with a new theme to add to this famous series of Angry Gran! You will go on the new adventure with our well-known granny while causing all kinds of trouble around the neighborhood. The tasks remain unchanged in comparison to those of previous versions. The players will control this old lady while exploring the places and swinging her huge hammer to hit everything that pops up.

There is a variety of obstacles and objects showing up in this game at You will have to deal with different types of items, ranging from trash cans, boxes, coins to pedestrians. Overall, the goal is to reach the target scores for each checkpoint to keep going forward.

When the energy bar is full, you can choose to perform super powerful swings to gather more coins. Keep in mind that it's crucial to constantly swing the hammer and defeat every item. If you fail to crash even one of them, the character will be unable to use the hammer for a little while. When a super swing is missed, the granny can end up on a wheelchair.

Also, steer clear from the policemen or else she will have to wear a straitjacket for a few seconds. Thanks to the bright and vivid graphics, the game has attracted kids of all ages! The collection of games has more interesting choices such as Flappy Cat and Active Runner for further exploration later. 

Instruction to play:

Move and hit using the mouse cursor.