Crashy Cat

Reaching the finish line is only one task in Crashy Cat, the new arcade game for kids from Friv online 2020! Be prepared to jump down the stairs that are constantly moving and try to reach the designated destination of the level without tripping off. At first, the moving stairs will be quite the challenges for the newcomers due to the dizziness and the fact that it's so hard to navigate.

The more your play, you will grasp the basics of the game and learn how to jump exactly at the right moment. Since the area of ​​the stairs is so narrow and very difficult to land on perfectly, make sure that you estimate the gap carefully before making any moves. However, one wrong move that makes the cat trip and your turn will be over! Besides aiming for the goal of achieving three stars per level, let's see how many levels you can unlock.

Such a fun relaxing jumping game has a vivid design, the adorable main character as the cute cat and fabulous stunts await! Dive into the world of cute games for kids from all around the world in great gaming options like Falling Down and Down The Mountain that are available at the tips of your fingers!

At, we reward the best players by displaying their names on the top of the Leaderboard. Take a look to see if you make it on the list as well! 

Instruction to play:

Click to make the cat jump.