Planets Jigsaw Challenge

Rather than old themes with cars, animals and so on, this time, the creators at Friv puzzle games added a new gaming selection to the collection. It's time for you and your friends to test your ability to memorize and arrange the puzzle pieces in Planets Jigsaw Challenge. This remains a classic puzzle game but with more images of planets waiting for you.

The players are free to take a pick from the collection of images, each with its three different game modes. Ranging from Easy, Medium to Hard, we recommend that you go with a suitable mode for the best result and enjoyment. While beginners should start off with the first mode, if you are an advanced player in this type of game, don't hesitate to try the hardest images to challenge your own ability.

In the collection at, you will have the chance to see a lot of pictures of cool planets from our universe. The more puzzles you solve, the more pictures the game unlocks for you for further exploration. It's a brainteaser which requires a good memory, great observation skills, and fast reflex.

Not only will you be able to improve the personal techniques in solving problems but you can have fun while brainstorming a little bit. More choices for the fans of puzzle games are Folding Blocks and Airplanes Puzzle 2, all of which are available for free! Keep your brain sharp! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact and move the pieces.