Racing Rocket 2

If you are good at controlling the speed of the rocket and master the rocket science of a racing vehicle, this game at Friv land called Racing Rocket 2 will be a wild choice for you! Take this chance to try out the game without a cost! Thanks to the coordination of an arcade game and the tractor racing simulation, the players will be able to dive into the stunning 3D art animation with the tough racing tracks.

You will have to customize your character and vehicle before setting out to join a stunt racing. The race track consists of so many obstacles, high-speed lane, and infrastructure, all of which are to make it harder to conquer the trip.

First, take your pick among the two or four players' modes. The more players there are, the harder it is to win, so pick the latter if you are going for a challenging playtime at! Besides avoiding the obstacles, you will have to try and overcome the opponents while gathering the fuel for your next stage. If your rocket runs out of fuel, it will stop midway and you will fail the race.

Moreover, the moment you lose control of the balance and flip the rocket, your record goes back to zero as well. Therefore, let's demonstrate the best of your racing skills with more games such as TM Driver and Truck Factory For Kids

Instruction to play:

Right arrow to hit the gas pedal, left to brake and up arrow to steer.