Truck Factory For Kids

Test your management skills with the daily operation in Truck Factory For Kids, the latest gaming option from the huge collection of Friv land! It's more than just a simple interactive game with cars. Here, you will serve the clients with the biggest and dirtiest trucks that need cleaning. Your factory comes with a cleaning machine that is exclusively for trucks, a fixing warehouse and some other equipment to guarantee the best service.

Since it is both a matching puzzle game and a truck simulation game, you will get to experience different types of arcade mini-games. Moreover, thanks to the simple 2D game art animation, kids of all ages can learn the controlling keys and the gameplay quickly. As any truck enter the factory, first, move it to the cleaning area. Make sure that there is no dirty spot left on the truck, then it's time to move it to the next department. Don't miss out on any break-downs or errors that need fixing as well.

The ultimate goal of this game at is to renovate the truck and turn it into a clean and useful truck for other occasions. Simple as it might sound, tons of kids from around the world have rated this game with five stars. Take your time and roam the website for plenty of cool car games like Chained Impossible Driving Police Cars. and TM Driver later! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to choose and interact with the cars.