Crazy Rush 3D

Car-Merge and Enjoy! Start with a free car in your main garage, then fill it with top-notch luxury cars! Let's go for a free race! Playing this click-and-idle tycoon game is enjoyable! Improve your Garage as much as possible to reap the benefits. Improve cars by merging inferior ones. Bring your vehicles to the racetrack after that to cash in on every finish line crossing! Improve your central Garage with your idle profits to become a click-and-idle tycoon empire! In this top-notch game of merging vehicles, become the richest person on Earth. Online merging games are better played offline.

New games are on their way to our site. While waiting for them, let’s check out the following options: Private Toy Racing and Slope Car Gradient.

Instruction to play:

One of the finest merging games ever is Merge Automobile. Get ready for fun in this offline click and idle tycoon game by speeding up the cars! In this click-and-idle tycoon game, collect idle coins to become wealthy. Never overlook: Aware of