Blocky Monster Trucks

Blocky Monster Trucks is an awesome monster truck driving game which you can play on friv free games for free. This game brings you to the competition of various skillful drivers. You will possess your own car and try to go further to gain plenty of coins.

The game features many types of monster trucks for you to experience but only one of them is free, and the others need to be purchased by money. For example, the purple vehicle costs 1500 coins or the sheriff one has a price of 2000 coins. You have to earn coins when playing to buy the new means of transport. Each of them has a different speed, steering, and jump.

You are on the track having 3 lanes. You are free to change the lane as you are in danger. There are many vehicles on the track, you can crash the cars which has the same direction to you in friv online games and you will earn points from this. You can see various fire columns, you must avoid them to not destroy your car. Besides, you need to go up the bridge to cross the river safely.

You must be careful and act fast because the obstacles appear suddenly with the thick density. You can even jump through the obstacles if your jump bar is full and it needs to be fully recharged before it can be used again.. Don’t forget to collect the coins which are scattered on the road and use them to buy the new vehicles. The further you go, the more points you gain.

Each time you play, you can meet the randomly generated track. Thus, you will feel exhilarated with the game.

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Instruction to play:

Use AD or left/right arrow to change lane and spacebar to jump.