3 Trends For Autumn 2018

Autumn is coming! As the season changes, it is also important to refresh your wardrobe and fill it with new clothes to express the autumn vibe. Do you know what the trend this autumn is? Use your knowledge about the recent trend and the fashion sense to help our Disney princesses Elsa, Anna, and Ariel in this Friv free game!

These girls will also tell us something about autumn fashion in exchange for your help. You will be in charge of helping them pick the most suitable one for all the outfits. In order to dress up for all the girls, you need to take the turn and work with each of them one by one. First, choose the clothes for Elsa, then work with Anna, and after that, help Ariel with some new choices.

Try your best to emphasize the three trends that you think are the most prominent during this season. It will also showcase your ability to detect the latest fashion trend which is all the rage at the moment. At http://frivclassic.net/, we provide you with the best closet and most fashionable pieces to assist you in creating the style of your dream. Don't hesitate to try out something bold and creative, because after all, fashion is all about creativity! Also, after you pick out the clothes, make sure that you pick the accessories and shoes to go with it. Play more girl games and share with your girlfriends in Princess Street Dance Battle and Barbie Snapchat Challenge.

Instruction to play:

Choose the items by clicking and dragging the mouse.