Big Big Baller

Another addicting game has just been added to the Friv's collection. Are you ready to sweep all the objects and roll around the city? In Big Big Baller free game, your task is to control a huge ball, then move around and occupy a city. Only by sucking up as many objects as possible will you be able to become the most powerful king.

The game has the graphics similar to io games, therefore, the players will get to explore a large 3D map. Moreover, the infrastructures in the city are very cool and carefully designed to optimize the experience. Let's enjoy the fun game with other real-time players at friv games unblocked

You will start the game with your small ball. The ball will increase significantly in size as it crushes other items. Don't hesitate to crash all the buildings, cars, towers, bridges, trees, even the pedestrians. The more you crash, the bigger your ball will be. However, as a rule of the game, the bigger balls can crush you. So keep your eyes open and steer clear of any threats to stay alive in this interactive game.

You should also remember that if the ball is bigger, it will be heavier and harder to control. Changing direction will also become more difficult as well. But we believe that you will make use of your skills and win the game! Don't forget to try out other choices such as Out Of Step and Pokemon Jump Jump at

Instruction to play:

Control with the left mouse.