Baby Elsa In Kitchen

Oh no, Baby Elsa's mother is not at home today! Who would take care of her? At Friv girl games, Baby Elsa will take care of herself, but with you as her assistant. To help her mom, she is going to the supermarket to buy the required ingredients and tools for the kitchen. However, since Elsa is too small, there will be some items and shelves that she can't reach. Can you help her pick out and choose everything?


First, join our girl on the trip to the supermarket and check all the necessary ingredients. The supermarket is so big that it might be a little difficult to locate everything. Make sure not to forget anything or else we will not be able to cook. After you finish with the shopping task, start cooking in the best kitchen at! Elsa wants to make a healthy vegetable soup and apple puree for her dinner. Take each of the ingredients and put into the pot to start the cooking process. Also, you can prepare all the utensils to set the table.


Follow the tutorial and cook the best food for her! When all the food is ready and the table is set, why don't you join Elsa for the dinner? The gameplay is simple yet relaxing and fun to play. Its graphics and design are incredibly bright and adorable to draw the attention of the little girls. If this is your favorite type of games, don't forget that plenty other games like Make A Gingerbread House Cake and Perfect Cake Master are also available for free! 

Instruction to play:

Choose the ingredients, interact and cook by clicking and dragging the left mouse.