The Tiny Farmer

The Tiny Farmer will turn you into a professional farmer after learning how to take care of your own crops! Since it is a superb farm management game from Friv new games, the players will get to take care of their very own farm! Also, you need to prepare the seeds, grow and take care of the crop from scratch. It's crucial to tend to every aspect of the farm in order to be successful with this fun game.

The most important tasks are to plant crops and harvest them when they have grown sufficiently. Don't delay or forget about any plant since the productivity will decrease. You will also have to manage your farm buildings by purchasing more upgrades and new fertilizers too. The best player shall be the one who can come up with the best plan to develop the farm into something fantastic. Will you be able to build up a profitable business?

Since there are many steps you need to know, this game at provides the most detailed step-by-step tutorial to help you out. Also, enjoy the nice cartoonish graphics and the unique farming simulation gameplay. The list of fruits and vegetables that you can grow is endless. Choose your favorites among carrots, oranges, corns and many more! It will take some effort to cultivate the best farm so you should try your best. Play more with other cool games for free such as Peter Rabbit Maze and Ultra Sharp

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to choose and interact.