Parking Fury 3

A good driver will be able to do more than just speeding up and racing on the tough tracks. He or she must also be capable of moving swiftly to slip through even the smallest gap. Such ability will show in the tasks of parking your car at Parking Fury 3, our new choice in the category of Friv racing games! Like the name of it, you will play the role of one of the most professional drivers and show off your parking skills in this parking lot.

There will be a limited number of free spots, therefore, drive fast enough to take them before the others. However, you still need to remain the best pace so as to not damage your car and the others that are parking here. Slipping through the small gaps will not be easy but with the right control of the brake and the gas pedal, you will be able to master it after a few turns. Can you place the vehicle on an empty spot without hitting other cars or colliding with the obstacles?

The scores will be calculated based on the number of cars that you manage to park and the condition of these cars when you finish parking them. This means that the less crash that you make, the more scores that you can earn in the game at Other games that have the same theme such as Drift Team and Paintball Racers have also been rated with stars so don't miss them out! 

Instruction to play:

Move and brake using the arrow keys.