Downhill Ski

It's winter time and the best sports for you at Friv free games will be Downhill Ski! In this exciting skiing game, you will have to demonstrate your perfect balancing skills as you ski down the hills. The hills are steep and have plenty of obstacles on them. Therefore, only the best players can complete 10 levels to be the champion. Your job is to complete the round by reaching the final destination.


As you ski, remember to drift from left to right and vice versa to gather some special bonuses as well. The snow is thick and slippery which makes it harder to maintain the balance on your board. Hard as it is, you need to avoid all obstacles on the road and slip down the hill as smoothly as possible. Don't crash into anything or else the game is over. In order to get a higher score, you will have to conquer more challenges by avoiding more roadblocks.


Since the scores are calculated based on the time that you survive at, it's crucial that you ski for a long period of time. Also, with this game, you will learn how to use different ski equipment with realistic 3D graphics and amazing experience as you ski. Some stunts will spice up the atmosphere as well! The cold will not be bothering you with more fun games this time such as Sketchman Gun and Santa's Rush The Grinch Chase.

Instruction to play:

Drift and change the direction using the left and right arrow keys.