Dead Mine Cg: Prologue

After the toxic waste outbreak at, the underground mine has been shut down due to a dangerous incident. In the mine, there are plenty of zombies inside and they are trying to get out! We need you, a great fighter, to take the mine car to start this thrilling adventure! It's crucial to defeat and eliminate all the scary undead before they manage to break out of the mine.

Since it's an intense action game with waves of attack, the players need to master the movement of the main character first. Then, practice a little bit with the easier levels. The main rule of this Friv action game is to precisely shoot at the zombies until they are killed. Depending on the size of the enemies, it will require a different number of bullets to knock them out. However, keep shooting will be a smart strategy to avoid being caught by the zombies.

The weapon collection consists of various types and models which can be updated using the earned scores. There is also a twist from the game. It's worth noting that the zombies who are not killed will continue to chase you and attack you, therefore, stay focus throughout the whole level until your cart reaches its destination. More and more action games like Tiny Rifles and Agent P Rebel Spy are also great options to have fun with some challenges, so don't hesitate to try them out!

Instruction to play:

Move, navigate and shoot at the enemies using the mouse cursor.