Bank Atm Simulator

Have you ever imagined yourself being the man who is in charge of the banks in this city at Friv 2019? Take this big responsible in Bank Atm Simulator, an excellent simulation game taking place in the urban area. You will play the role of one tough man in a black suit moving around the city. The job is to successfully gather the money from all the banks. However, first, you need to walk around to locate the local banks.

As you walk freely in all corners, pay attention to the scattered vehicles and items. You can interact and use the vehicles to move if you want to. Open the boxes and items that you gather to see if there are any extra scores. No matter what you do, don't forget about the main task of collecting money. The moment you enter the bank, you need to check the situation to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Stay focus even when the clerk puts the money into the bag for you. After the process is done, bring the bags and proceed to the next bank.

The game is relaxing with a realistic 3D setting and amazingly designed map, so you will not have to worry about glitching and bugs. There are not many problems needed to be solved here at... as well, so just enjoy your slow walk around the large city. Other simulation games also have special features in design and graphics such as Kingdom Tower Defense  and Color Hole 3D at

Instruction to play:

Use the keyboard to move.