Color Hole 3D

Are you ready to enjoy the pleasure of sucking all the scattered pieces on the ground here in Color Hole 3D? You will take control of a sucking hole while moving around the 3D map. The main task in this game at Friv games free is so simple yet it brings a lot of satisfactory feeling for the players. As the hole moves and tackles down the chain of blocks, you can move it to absorb all the white blocks scattered on the floor. The moment the hole moves under these blocks, they will be absorbed right into it.

However, what you need to avoid are the colored pieces. There are 50 levels in total, each with its different layouts, graphics, infrastructure, and features. For the first few levels, you only have to move along the way while finishing the task of sucking off the white pieces. However, when you reach higher levels, the colored blocks will be mixed into the batch to make it harder to complete fast.

In case that there are blocks of two different colors being too close, you need to be flexible to figure out the best approach. If you take the right direction in approaching, there will be no white piece left on the grid at! Safe paths exist here as well, but it depends on whether you can locate them or not. Observation will play a key role in determining the results.

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Instruction to play:

Drag and move the mouse to control the hole.