is the interesting multiplayer io game which you can play on friv games for free. This game contains many unique features with the eye-catching graphics and lovely sounds. It is a world of sausages and you are also one of them. You transform into a sausage and take part in the sausage battle.  

Before playing, you can customize your character by choosing its skin color such as blue, green, black, brown and so on and hairstyle. Many of them are locked and you must gain a certain number of points to unlock. You possess a weapon that resembles a long sausage and move around the arena. There are many colorful dots with different sizes on the ground. Collect them as many as you can to lengthen your weapons. The much more food you collect, the longer your weapon in friv games online is.

You can attack your enemies by hitting them. When they die, they turn into the large colorful dots and you should collect them all. Besides, you must be careful to avoid their attack because if they hit you, you also lose your life. You gain points by eating the dots and killing your enemies. The double or triple kill brings you the bonus points. Boost your speed in the suitable time to speed up to approach your foes or avoid their attack.

The game will count your playing time as well as the killed enemies.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to interact.