Geometry Dash Bit By Bit

Iron Planet, Dark Factory, and many other new planets await the best explorer in this new game called Geometry Dash Bit By Bit! This is the perfect jumping game for the players who love to challenge themselves with special obstacles. The obstacles in this game are diverse, which will challenge your focus and reflex at the same time. The main character is a little cube or a little geometry block. When you tap or click on the screen, the block will jump up immediately.

Your goal is to try to pass anything on your path and reach the final line in the shortest time possible. First, pick the planet that you want to explore. Each planet has its features and unique theme. There is a percentage number on the screen that shows the previous record. Can you break it and set your new high scores?

Second, the game speed can be changed as the players wish. Start from the slower version if you are a beginner. This will help the newbies to accommodate the rhythm of this game at friv for kids Games and change it to their liking.

The customization makes it funnier and more interesting to enjoy this game, so don't miss it out! Our list filled with intense and cool games is replenished daily with games like Sausage Flip and Tap Skaters Online  !

Instruction to play:

use the left mouse or tap on the mobile screen to make the cube jump.