Mini Mall Millionaire

What would you do to make sure that a mini-mall operates properly? Practice your management skills with Mini Mall Millionaire, a shop management game in which you run your own shopping mall from Friv kid games. If you are new and this is the first time you try this task, let us guide you through. In order to develop the mall, you need to earn money by inviting new customers.  

Building various shops will be a great way to do so since the shops will attract customers easily. When you have enough money, just upgrade them to earn more profits. Opening new shops and stores will cost you some money, therefore, you should choose wisely and make it worth your time. The shop list consists of Coffee shop, Sports shop, Fashion shop, and Icecream shop! Invest smartly and you will become the millionaire in no time at!

Daytime lasts for a short amount of time when you can invite customers in and they will leave when the daytime ends. But keep in mind that you should only open the mall when all the set-up and shops are ready. If the customers come in and there is nothing to buy, they will not come back again. It's not easy to manage this kind of mall, but you need to keep going to make a profit. We have various games so you can enjoy with your friends after this like Table Tennis Ultimate Tournament and Doctor Acorn 2.

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the left mouse button to interact.