Knife Hit Online

Knife Hit Online is a one-player game which is now available for fans of friv kids games to play for free. During each challenge, you have to throw a number of knives to a target which always spins around. Be careful because you cannot touch any other knives or any other object that is attached to the spinning board.

There are many apples on this board and you should slash them to unlock new knives and get more scores. The number and position of these apples are different in each level. Besides, we also give you a different number of blades in each level and you have to use all of them. For examples, in level one, you have to consume 7 knives while you need to throw 10 knives at level 2.

There are plenty of levels at friv for school for you to conquer. Many first levels are quite easy, but the following levels are very difficult to overcome. When you are in the higher stages, the target rotates faster and faster to make you confused. Besides, the number of blades in the target also goes up along with the number of stages to hamper you. If you hit your knife to another one, you lose your turn and must replay to the start point and all your scores are gone. You have a boss encounter after every 5th level, in this stage, you must complete an even harder knife throwing challenge.

Shoot exactly at the right time. You need to calculate timing and position to plug knives. Collect coins to unlock new knives. Enjoy the game in safari, chrome and even smartphone and tablet.

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Instruction to play:

Click the mouse or tap to throw the knives.