Peter Rabbit Maze

Only the best navigators can find the shortest way out of the maze in Friv new game: Peter Rabbit Maze! The game will challenge your ability to navigate, locate and find the path with so many different levels. If you like, you are welcome to play this game for free with your group of friends. Peter Rabbit Maze is a cool maze game in which you need to guide and help the rabbit go out of the maze.

Keep in mind that there is a time limit for each and every level. If you fail to rescue the rabbit from the maze before the time runs out, you will have to replay the level again. Also, many carrots and special items are scattered around the maze. When you find the path, keep in mind to choose the path with the special items if possible as this will increase your total scores. There is only one exit per level which means that no matter how you move, make sure to use that exit.

The best way that you can claim the top spot on the Leaderboard is by finding the shortest way with carrots. It's one of the favorites at with cute yet simple graphics and a bright color palette. Moreover, you can improve and train your thinking during the free time at no cost! Are you ready to solve all the hard puzzles and mazes with Peter? Then let's start with more games like Miner Mania and Cheesy Wars.

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to guide the rabbit through the maze.