Tap Skaters Online

Puzzle Games come with so many different types of genre and sub-genre these days. From special theme integrated type to a unique combination of two games, there are tons of new choices for you from Friv puzzle games. A new one, Tap Skaters Online is also newly developed with fun pixelated graphics just like those in the old arcade games. The main theme is to help the little skateboarder to overcome all the barriers, obstacles and items on his way.

Only by step on the skateboard and start your journey will you be able to find out your limit. It's an endless challenge where the players need to drop down from one bar to another to avoid crashing. If you see a new obstacle in front of you, drop down immediately. Keep doing so to maintaining the balance and the stability of the skateboard.

The game at http://frivclassic.net/ tests your eyesight and hand speed as these two elements are the most important to make a new record. Moreover, you can enjoy the hilarious background music and the sound effect whenever you drop down successfully. Choose the perfect timing and position on each bar and drop down.

Easy as it sounds, when the game picks up the speed, you will need to pay attention to bear the challenge. Where will you rank among these high records? Don't forget to spare the time to play some other puzzle games such as Skate Hooligans and Santa Or Thief as well. 

Instruction to play:

Click or tap to drop down from the bar.