Rolling City

Another 3D arcade game for the fans of Friv games has just been added to the daily replenished collection on the website. Join Rolling City to experience the best 3D graphics and an amazing plotline! It's an interacting game where the players take over his or her ball while aiming to collect all the items found in the city.

By rolling over such items, they will automatically stick to the ball and make it grow up larger. All of the objects that you managed to gather can be seen sticking on the ball later. Of course, since it bears the classic feature of an io game, one of the rules is that only larger balls could destroy the smaller ones.

Therefore, when you first enter the game, move in a small circle and stay in the safe zone so as to avoid becoming an easy target for the other players. After having gathered a significant amount of power, feel free to roam the map during your exploring time. The game will keep a record of the scores that you manage to gain during each turn, calculated based on the length that you travel and the time that you survive.

The longer you stay alive in this game at, the more chances that you will rank the top in the Leaderboard. Other games like and also come from the same genre, so don't forget to take a look later! 

Instruction to play:

Tap on mobile or use the mouse on the PC to play.