Summer Lake

In summer days, there is nothing more wonderful than a fishing trip, right? Here at Friv, Summer Lake is an interesting fishing online game in which you can experience a fishing trip like you are in the realistic environment. Now, click the start button and let the fun begin! Lay the lure at anywhere you like on the surface of the lake and wait for fish to bite.


When a white symbol of fish appears in the upper line on the game screen, it is a signal of a bite. Then you click on your fishing rod and to hold your mouse button until the fish is out of the lake. However, while trying to get the fish to the lakeshore, you need to pay attention to the tension line because some fishes will resist strongly and so they may make your rod broken.


It is interesting that you will earn cash by catching fish and then you can use the cash to purchase new places, rods and lures. Check out the Menu at the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and you can find 6 places, 24 baits, 7 types of fishing rods. Try to catch as many fish as possible and explore all the things. You can save your results with the option Scores in the Menu. Enjoy your time!


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Instruction to play:

How to play?

Use your mouse to play the game.