Chubby Birds

Due to the large amount of food and worms that these birds have consumed, flying isn’t so easy. How would they avoid crashing into the pipes and the obstacles that await them on the way? They need a guide like you! Enjoy the loveliest game with a cast filled with colorful yet overweight characters! While you first get into this Friv game, you will see that the worms and human food are littered everywhere in this city.

Your task is to help the birds exercise by dipping under the long pipes and fly over the scattered obstacles without a single contact with them. A point will be calculated for each pipe that you successfully pass. Overcome the most number of pipes and you will score your name on the highest Leaderboard of this game!

The game will give you a medal according to your record as well. For example, when you reach at least 10 or 15 pipes, you gain a bronze medal as a reward. Keep practicing and mastering the basics of the game at and you might even manage to land a gold medal as well. A reminder that you should keep in mind is not to release the button at any time.

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Instruction to play:

Click to make the birds fly.