Square Area

Participate in the new puzzle games at Friv land called Square Area to test your ability with these immensely funny game with addictive puzzles. From the easy levels for beginners to the hard parts that only advanced players can solve, the game will help improve your problem-solving skills with the fun gaming selection. The players will have to make the removable blocks move around the map in order to reach the position of stars with the current color. Each of the boxes needs to be at the exact place that is designed for it.

You can find the right path by following the colored stars. However, the best players need to be able to find the correct positions for all of the blocks within the shortest timeframe. The main rule is that the blocks are able to be pushable to each other in order to solve the puzzles. However, steer clear of the corners! Once your blocks are stuck in the corner, there is no way of pushing them out.

Not only will you have to find the final destination for each block but you also have to push them without crashing into each other. This arcade game at http://frivclassic.net/ has a bright and cartoon-like design that has caught the attention of both adults and children here!

The gameplay is fun and easy to understand, so we guarantee that you and your friends can have fun competing against each other in the box challenges! Don't forget about tons of newly added games like Ultimate Chess and Spell School, all of which are free! 

Instruction to play:

Tap or use the mouse to play the game.