Spell School

Learning can be fun with Spell School, a recently added spelling skill game friv that is suitable for kids of all ages, especially little ones. This provides a simple platform for kids to learn the basic of spelling with the most appealing images and fun themes.

The players will have to spell all the above-given object and make sure that the result consists of the combination of the correct words. From small letters to the full word, you need to work slowly from one small task to the big one. There will be a picture to give hints during each turn. Use the image to guess the required words and choose all the correct vowels and consonants. There are tons of levels so that the kids can freely explore.

Of course, the difficulty levels of the images will increase slowly to formulate more complexity challenges. The collection of images is very colorful and vivid as well, which contributes to the charm of this game. If you manage to pass a level successfully, the game will reward you with gold coins.

Use those gained coins and purchase hints in this game at http://frivclassic.net/ in order to pass harder levels. Not only does the game help your kids to memorize correct words but it also generates a familiarity with brainstorming for them. If you are looking for more puzzle games for kids, don't miss out on some choices such as Color Suv Puzzle and Ultimate Chess

Instruction to play:

Play using the mouse cursor.