In the harsh surviving game mode, from Friv io games will test your ability to stay alive among the strongest fishes in the ocean. Show us your swimming skills and enjoy this exciting fish swimming and survival simulation game with friends from all over the globe. The main task of it is to control your chosen fish to navigate through the water and guide it to find the food. The only food that your fish can consume is the grass, therefore, make sure to collect any piece that you see. The more your fish eat, the bigger it becomes, which will be an advantage for survival. There is a health bar so that you can keep track of the progress on the top of the game screen. Whenever you notice the energy running out, make sure to go and find more grass.

Then, your fish will be big enough to attack others and be the strongest fish in the fun game at friv Games for kids online! Avoiding big fishes will be a great strategy for keeping yourself safe. Plenty of players have rated this game with 5 stars thanks to the addictive gameplay, open setting for exploring and lively 3D graphics. Don't miss this out if you are a fan of simulation game! Prepare to emerge in more 3D games such as  that will not cost you anything at all.


Instruction to play:

Drag and click the mouse cursor to move and interact with the fish.