Go Kart Pro

Go Kart Pro is an epic racing game which is playable friv two player games. This game takes inspiration from Mario Kart and has some fun and exciting features such as different boosts. Go Kart Pro is not just about racing... There are all kinds of boxes on the track that contain powerful power-ups that can reverse the course of many races. 


In this game at friv 4 unblocked, you must first complete each race in the first position to be able to unlock new heroes and especially tracks. Imagine that you are in the lead, but your opponent is already catching you up, throw a banana peel, and your opponent will be flipping, literally... Or if you fail to catch up a faster opponent, you just shoot him down with a rocket. There is plenty of choices. Have fun and good luck!


Use these boosts to give you an advantage over the other racers. In addition, you can pick up gold coins that are scattered around the track - these will give you a speed boost. As you win races, you can unlock awesome new tracks and locations, and even some cool new karts. How will your racing skills compare to the other Go Kart enthusiasts?


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Instruction to play:


Use the WASD or arrow keys to drive the kart

C to change camera

X to use a power skill

P to pause