Ultraman Planet Adventure

Ultraman - the new generation of heroes from Friv best games will bring you to the adventure which takes place on an entirely strange planet. In order to assist Ultraman to uphold the sense of justice, help out with the fight against the bad guys to protect the planet. Ultraman has many unique superpowers, each of which can be used for a designated purpose. If you are good at showing great reaction and reflex quickly under stressful circumstances, you will survive the journey.

As he strives to defeat the monsters who destroy the human world, use the skills to complete the planet adventure by moving pass all the obstacles. First, choose the level which is suitable for your current position. A tip for the new player is that you can only start off with the easiest level then slowly work your way up. Your main task here at http://frivclassic.net/ is to jump, move and collect wisely on the platform. It's crucial to manage the hero's advancement on the platform while collecting gold coins scattered around. Bear in mind to avoid dangerous obstacles and counter-attack the other guards.

With the wise movement and good selection of superpowers, even the new players will be able to grasp the basic of the gameplay. Stopping in the middle of the path to pick up items is essential, but it will make you an easy target. Consider every movement carefully before flinching! More heroes are waiting for you at the other games like Pixel Farm and Stairs as well. 

Instruction to play:

Control the hero's movement with the WASD keys.