Merge Plane

Have you ever participated in the game of flying aircraft? You cannot ignore the game design airport and the aircraft with the speed and the different assembly in the game Merge Plane at friv club? Do not waste your spare time today. Let's start exploring the world of the latest jet game.


You will use your earned money to buy the planes and start using them in your airport. You can combine the same planes to create a faster and better aircraft. After that, the money you earn can also be used to upgrade other aircraft at your airport. Different amounts of money will buy different planes. You need to have a specific plan for your activity in the game.


This game continues to bring you new challenges in exploring the world of airplanes. With their speed, you can make a lot of money. This is one of the most popular airplane games around the world. You will not be bothered by the speed of game loading or the ad appearance in this game at You can control multiple planes in one operation time to make more money. Therefore, you will have enough money to buy new aircraft and upgrade your airport to become the largest airport on the planet.


Do not forget to visit the store to shop or upgrade your airport system when joining this exciting game. In addition, other airplane games also make you feel relaxed in your free time like Circle Shooter and Helix Jump Color. Choose your favorite game today. Share with your friends and save some gaming tips that you can discover in this game online. 

Instruction to play:


Use your left mouse to buy the aircraft, control them or combine them together