Cubefield is a very simple but extremely addictive game which is playable friv wonderful games for free. This is really an amazing game which can be the easiest as well as the hardest game. Drive a spacecraft in a field of cubes. Your mission is  simple – you must avoid hitting any of the colored cubes as you travel through the never-ending maze that stretches out before you.

This is really an excellent game. However, you can’t play this game at your school, office, restaurant,… This Friv play game has great 3D graphics, cool music and engaging, fast-paced gameplay. The game starts off relatively easy and you might think that it is not challenging! This thought won’t last for long however as the difficulty becomes harder as you progress. The maze of cubes becomes more complex, and the speed at which you travel also increases. What distance can you travel without crashing into the cubes?

Cubefield is destined to be one of those classics that everyone remembers. Years from now people will look back and say “What score did you manage?” – let us know in the comments below what your highest score is!

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Instruction to play:

Move left/right with left/right arrow key. 

Press P to pause.