Angela Twins Family Day

Angela has just become a mother and she brought her twins home a few days ago. However, childcare is such a difficult task, especially when you have two babies that you need to take care of. She'll need your expertise in childcare to help her out. Angela has just become a mother and it’s the happiest time for her family. She recently brought her babies home to take care of them better.

However, taking care of one baby is already hard, now that Angela has twins, what is she going to do? There’re so many housework to do and she also has to feed and pamper the kittens. So you will come to the rescue and help Angela in Angela Twins Family Day at Friv games.

First, you need to help her clean the house, by picking up trashes from the living room like dirty diapers, laundry and collecting the toys that are laid out everywhere. When you finish cleaning up the living room, the second task is to help Angela feed the babies. Find the right food for them and feed both the twins right away because they might cry when they are hungry. Angela also wants to give them more nutrition by feeding them milk afterwards.

So here at Friv online GAME, you will be the one to find the milk bottle and warm up the milk. If the kittens are crying, try giving them cute toys to entertain them. With your help, there’s no doubt that Angela’s family will enjoy their time together a lot in Friv town.

Feeling excited to become a childcare expert? How about start playing with beautiful Angela and her family now? Come and try out this and many more baby games at!

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Instruction to play:

Use mouse to play this game