Titanic Shark Attacks

Let's enjoy Titanic Shark Attacks, an arcade game from Friv free games that comes with one of the latest game art animations in effect! It's a simple-sketched type with a simple yet addictive storyline. Have you seen the famous movie Titanic? This game will recreate the last scene fo the movie. While everyone is fighting for their survival, the main character Leonardo is concerned about the salvation of his beloved Rose.

As the sharks from the sea are approaching to eat them, your job is to select the salvation door to help Rose float safely. By clicking on each shark that comes close to Rose, you can remove them from the space. The faster you manage to do so, the better it is for the couple. At first, you will have no trouble finishing the task since the number of sharks is small.

However, as you move on to the higher levels, your hand movement speed will have to increase significantly to succeed in removing all the sharks coming at Rose. Will you be able to save both from the disaster at friv Games to play? The tip for beginners in this game is to prepare beforehand and estimate the incoming sharks to eliminate them before they even reach the boat. Show us your amazing skills to control the situation with the scary sharks right now!

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Instruction to play:

Click on the sharks to remove them.