Racing Rocket

Racing Rocket will be the experience that you are looking for if you love unique games with an unordinary setting and unusual gameplay! This game consists of racing tracks that take place underwater, where you will go against the best racers to claim the top place. Different game modes in this Friv racing game have different features, so feel free to take a close look and pick your reference.

Once you get the requirements and the goal of the levels, you can start taking the race against the opponent. The racer that manages to cross the finish line before the other one shall be the winner of that race. However, will you be able to get a winning streak for more than 3 races? Let's find out right now by stepping on the gas and start this amazing racing game!

Keep an eye for the random water pipes, showering, towering mountains, and many other obstacles. In order to get to the destination quickly, drive fast but make sure that you can keep stable and keep the vehicles balanced to avoid being flipped over. The special layout like the Highway requires more than just simple driving skills to get by.

Let's unlock all the challenges as well as the coins with your amazing steering skills! It doesn't matter which genres you are looking for, you can find them all such as Classics Car Stunts 2020 and Road Turn from the collection of!

Instruction to play:

Control the vehicle and interact using the arrows.