Road Turn

Road Turn is all about making sure that the traffic regulates smoothly and neatly without any crashing or accidents. In order to conquer this challenge at Friv 2020, you need a specific set of skills, ranging from observation, good timing estimation, and great reflex. The goal is to solve the problem of car jamming at every intersection and help the cars move forward.

To avoid traffic accidents from happening, click on the cars one by one to make them join the lanes. If you fail to choose the clear path or the clear section, the existed cars will crash into the waiting ones, which makes timing the essential element of this game. The players also have to control the car speed so that it can change the lane right after straight-going cars pass.

This game at is one of the endless gaming selection that you can play for hours without being tired thanks to the vivid graphics, fun gameplay and increasing difficulty stages that have more and more obstacles. Challenges are waiting for you, so prepare to grab as many scores as possible to claim the top title! Differences in sizes of cars will lead to differences in scores gained.

For example, if you manage to successfully clear one big truck, it will give your record more scores than a small minivan. A few practices and you will master it in no time! How about some more hilarious games like Police Flying Car Simulator and Classics Car Stunts 2020

Instruction to play:

Click to make the car move forward.