My Slime Mixer

Slime has become one of the most famous trends nowadays and kids love it! Not only do the little kids at Friv free game love to squish the sloppy liquid but they can also learn how to create one of their own in My Slime Mixer. It's a game for girls that gives you the opportunity to play with slimy stuff while keeping your hands entirely clean. Furthermore, there will be a guide to help you do it all from scratch just by yourself. Are you ready to follow the tutorials and create the cutest slime?

The necessary ingredients are all available for you. You will need a cup of washable PVA, some water, liquid starch to prepare the base of the slime at Use the suitable spoon motion to stir and prepare the perfect condition of it before starting the decorating steps! Make use of all the items like glitter, color palette and sprinkles to make it look as fancy as possible. The most eye-catching slime should have a bright color and a mix of these available materials. Be creative while coming up with the design of it.

This simulator game guarantees the fun moments during playtime with just one click and there is no cost. You will not have to care about the scores or time limit. Just be yourself and spread your creative mind for free! Should you love these types of girl games, don't forget that we have a full collection of games like Knife Smash and Tap Skaters Online

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to choose and interact.