I Am the Ninja 2

I Am the Ninja 2 is an awesome platform game which you can play for free on friv kids games. Are you ready to grab a chance to become a deadly ninja? The ninja takes the special tasks and he must survive to complete them. Can you help him finish his missions by keeping him alive and collect as many stars as possible?

The game contains a collection of levels for you to conquer. You are going on the roof of the house to find out the gate to get out of the fearful area. The gate is at the end of the road and you have to get over many obstacles to reach the target. The obstacles are the spikes, platform full of snails and the saw blades. Watch out to avoid them in friv games for school. Jump up higher or slide your body at the right time in order not to crash them.

If you touch the harmful objects, you will lose your life immediately and have to replay this level. Besides, you can see the gold stars on the way. Each level has 3 stars and you should collect them all before reaching the gate. Try your best to keep the ninja alive and escape from the thrilling area carefully.

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Instruction to play:

Use Up arrow to jump, Left arrow to stop, Right arrow to sprint, and Down arrow to slide.