Color Balls 2

This new game at Friv online 2019 is the latest version of interactive games with a stunning art animation. Not only will you get addicted to Color Balls but this game also soothes your stressed mind thanks to its amazing graphics. The rule is very simple, yet mastering the movement of the ball is not easy at all. Your green ball will bounce forward automatically.

With each step that it touches, the color of the platform will change. The pace and speed of the ball doesn't change, therefore, the only thing you can manage is the jumping timing. You can tap to choose its jumping timing in order to jump over the obstacles on red circle blocks. Depending on the number of times you click on it, the ball will leap forward in that exact number of steps.

For example, if you double click, the ball will jump 2 steps forward and so on. Think quickly to avoid the red blocks that show up randomly. They just pop up out of nowhere, so you need to focus on every second of this game at and react very fast to jump over the blocks. It's a good chance to prove your reaction ability and reflexes with the colorful rings on the platform.

Of course, your score during each trial will be recorded and used for ranking later. Can you defeat your own previous record and be the best? Don't miss out on other games such as Cube The Runners and Balls Rotate with cool animations as well as amazing designs. 

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse to make the ball bounce.