Uphill Rush 7

Uphill Rush 7 is the fourth version of the famous Uphill Rush series game. This new version of the fast-paced racing game updates more modern vehicles and challenges in the races of friv for kids. First of all, choose daytime or night time if you want to play. I think that both of them will bring you different wonderful experiences so that you should try out them all.

Each theme has 3 levels for you to explore: easy, normal and hard. You must overcome the easy level to unlock the normal level and then, pass the normal level to unlock the last one. After finish the first easy race, you gain 500 bonus coins and 1500 coins are the prize when completing the normal race.

Speed up and avoid all the obstacles on the way to reach the ending point. Throw away all the barriers out of the line. Catch all the flags to gain the bonus score at friv online. Besides, there are plenty of cash that you must collect on the racing. Then, you can use them to purchase new bathing suits, or accessories in the store like a floating crocodile, a jet ski, or even a dolphin.

You have totally 10 lives for each time you play. When you let your head crush into the pipes, you lose one of your life. Take a look, sometimes you see the checkpoint and you will start again at this point. Whenever all of your 10 lives are gone, you lose the game and must replay from the beginning. Moreover, performing stunts also brings back bonus points for you. The total score is displayed after you finish the line.

Share the game with your friends to race together and leave your feedback to show your love for us. Many addicted games are waiting for you at http://frivclassic.net/ such as Audi Tt Rs and Monster Truck Arena Stunts.

Instruction to play:

Use arrow up to speed up, arrow down to reverse, arrow left / right to balance, and space to jump and make stunts.