Penalty Kick

It takes a good player to take care of the Penalty Kick since it's one of the best shots in the soccer game at Friv sports game! In this arcade game with the soccer theme, you will be playing the role of that player. Take advantage of all knowledge of soccer and techniques that you acquire to practice even more!

Then, when you are ready, join the real tasks to bring victory to your team. The mission that the players have to carry out is to choose the right direction, moving path and timing to shoot the ball into the net. There will be a lot of practicing times in order to make sure that all kids grasp the basic rule in Choose your desired court and start kicking off the real penalty shot!

This is the part where the players are required to use their estimation skills to figure out the best path of the flying ball. Even the slightest adjustment will bring the better result, therefore, aim carefully. Moreover, take all possible elements into accounts such as velocity, wind, the position of the linebacker and goalkeeper, your standing point and many more!

For some tough cases, the linebackers will make it difficult to kick the ball precisely, but that's where you get to show your personal technique! Can you gain the highest score for your solo goal? We have tons of sports games such as Rugby Kicks and Skateboard Surfers to expand your practice time! 

Instruction to play:

Tap on the screen or use the mouse to play.