Skateboard Surfers

Epic stunts coming from games like Skateboard Surfers will bring the most epic experience as the players get to go on the latest adventure game in Friv 2019! Here, we bring the best platforms for proving your parkour skills and moving to pass the toughest barriers, infrastructure, and blocks. When you first enter the game set, take your time to get used to the platform.

After choosing your skateboard from the collection, start running and showing your parkour skills at the same time. Switch back and forth between the lanes to steer clear of the obstacles and choose the right lane with boosters. The characters will be free-running on the platform, and you need to take advantage of the velocity, speed, and power-ups to boost the starting force.

Keep out for lots of power-ups and bonuses that show up along the way. The more you manage to gather, the more your capacity will expand. At the right timing, why don't you pull off some epic stunts and tricks? Keep in mind that by gaining currency from the stunts, you can go to our store at and purchase better skateboard models available using those gained coins.

This fun game even allows you to change the outfits and gears for your character to customize its look. 3D graphics and detailed design are also the plus points of this high-quality game. Other good games for the fans of parkour like Tap Skaters Online and Rugby Kicks are also available for free, so check them out! 

Instruction to play:

Drag the left mouse button to move and change the lanes.