Pie Realife Cooking

Pie Realife Cooking is a making-food game which you can play on friv free games. In this game, you will become a chef who is working in the kitchen and your strength is to make the dessert from fruits. You are on duty to create the most delicious pie for your customer. There are full-option cooking utensils and various ingredients.

Use a knife and a cutting board to slice the fruits to pieces. At first, you must remove the leaves and bottom of the pineapple and slice it. Cut the pineapple into 6 slices and put them on a plate. Then you have an apple and cut into 16 slices. After that, remove the leaf of an orange and cut it into 12 slices. Put these slices on a plate. You get two kiwis and you must slice each kiwi into 6 slices. It means that you have 12 slices of kiwis. Later, peel a banana and cut it into many slices. Then, you are given 3 strawberries, cut them into 12 slices. Finally, you have 4 grapes and cut them into slices at friv games online.

Each kind of fruit should be put in one separate plate. The next step is to decorate your cake with the available fruits. The cake is made from wheat flour and you put sliced fruits on the cake sequentially. The last step is to bake the cake bu putting it into the stove and ornament it with cream, candy beans, and chocolate tiny pieces. 

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play.