Ship Simulator 2019

Take a look at Ship Simulator 2019 from the collection of Friv land to learn the best tips and tricks on how to navigate and conquer the dangerous sea! Here, the players will get the chance to play the role of the captain of the biggest ships available. Not only is it an amazing 3D game with realistic art animation but it also comes with newly updated driving and navigation simulation features. The goal of each stage remains unchanged, which is to navigate the ship on the right track.

To move onto the next level, you will have to make sure that the ship moves from the wharf or the base to the pointed area on the sea. Use all the possible barometer and grid lines to know your location on the sea. Another important task that the players have to pay extra attention to this game in is to keep track of the obstacles. Steer clear of those obstacles at all costs and try your best to collect the fuel tanks to boost the speed and the fuel of the ship.

The first captain to bring the ship to the finish line shall be the ultimate winner! There is a whole list of marine games for kids of all ages with some famous choices such as Geometry Dash Classic and

Instruction to play:

Arrow Keys/ASWD: move the ship

C key to change the camera, rotate the view by holding the right mouse and move the mouse cursor.