Adam and Eve 7

Puzzles fans, it's time for you to rock this seventh sequel of Adam And Eve 7 from Friv free kid game that comes with the fun adventure game, more obstacles on your way and tons of rules that are brand new! The goal remains unchanged as you will assist our Adam to search for the path to reach the love of his life, Eve. Even if you have played the other six versions, this one is still a whole new experience!

All players start the game at the beginning of level 1, then proceed to higher levels with harder and harder quizzes. To find out the path, interacting with the surrounding animals, items, and kinds of stuff is crucial in this interactive kind of game. Search all nook and cranny for the items that you can interact with, like the jungle animals, the dinosaurs, objects, and so on.

It's the perfect skills of observation and ability to spot the strange items along with intelligence that will keep you going on this long journey at! If you can't figure out the way or how to solve a puzzle, feel free to use 5 hints that are given to you for free.

Such a great game turns to waste if you don't recommend it to your friends so that they can join the game as well! Keep your brain sharp and ready to solve the puzzles and challenge your brain with more and more questions in the games like Soap Cutting and Zig Zag

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact.